THE FUTURE IS TODAY conference helps leaders and their organizations to prepare for the immediate future
by overseeing today's most significant and strategic technology trends.

We focus exclusively on how emerging technologies and science will disrupt business, transform the workforce and ignite geopolitical change. Based on this information business leaders can make better decisions about the future.
The first conference: April, 12, 2018
The Future is Today looks at how businesses deal with technology innovations
The pioneering conference was focused on the latest technological innovations, as well as how the new trends will affect the immediate future of businesses in Cyprus.
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The speakers from the top world companies shared information on the latest developments, products and services in their industry and at the same time, their personal vision on how this will influence the world, especially the way we do business.
Conference Program
Thursday 12th of April 2018
Section 1 – Plenary Sessions
Registration and Morning Coffee
Opening Ceremony. Welcome addresses from moderators and the Minister of Transport, Communication and Works Mrs.Vassiliki Anastassiadou
Networking Coffee Break
Plenary session 2: The Future of Business Communication
Future Role of Blockchains in All Fields of Business Activities.
Ioannis Menelaou, Executive Managing Director, Lykke Cyprus

The Blockchain Disruption: The New Digital Revolution.
Nicola Korbar, CEO of Center for Economic Research Belgrade, Serbia

Cloud Technology: Importance and Value.
Antonis Skoullos, Executive Managing Director of Oracle Cyprus

Future of the Media Entertainment.
Pavel Muntyan, CEO Toonbox Animation Studio, Cyprus

Trends and Forecasts of Cyber Risks for 2018.
Ruslan Yusufov, Director, Private Client Services at Group-IB, Russia

Panel discussion with speakers: The ability to evolve and adapt is an important characteristic of forward-thinking companies and this encompasses communication as well. What the office will look like in 2018-2020? It is sure that with mobile intranet software, it is no longer necessary for employees to be glued to their desks to get work done. Stable broadband connections will drive a majority of unified communications systems to the cloud. Who will do the work: robots or humans? How must we respond as consumption habits change? How should we promote our products and services? How Cyprus will respond to all these challenges?
    Closing ceremony of the morning sessions. Key Note speech from the Government of Cyprus: speaker to be confirmed.
    Networking Business Lunch
    Brainstorming Thematic Discussions
    Registration for Thematic Sessions
    Two thematic sessions in the form of round table in parallel Conference Rooms.
    Conference Room 1. THE FUTURE of FINTECH

    This thematic session is for those who work in finance, banking, legal and accounting sphere.

    The Fourth Industrial Revolution has already merged the physical and cybernetic worlds. The digital technologies that came along with it have created new paths of innovation that have disrupted the once known as the most traditional business model: the financial services industry. Will banks and financial institutions survive the FinTech era? The use of smartphones for mobile banking, investing services and cryptocurrency are examples of technologies aiming to make financial services more accessible to the general public. During this session we'll talk on different innovations, advanced emerging technologies and products, blockchain disruption, machine learning. A lot of attention will be paid to cyber risks and cybersecurity that is the key issue for any serious financial business nowadays.


    This thematic session is for those who work in service industry, including hospitality, property, education. How shall we communicate with our clients in the nearest future? What do we need to do to be ready to serve the needs of our clients in communication with humans but in the same time to reduce our expenses and use robots and machine instead of people?

    Most businesses already rely on AI whether they know it or not. Technology also allows businesses to reach new economic markets. Rather than just selling consumer goods or services in the local market, any business can reach regional, national and international markets. The consumers can access goods or services 24/7.

    Together with experts we'll speak on cloud technologies, networking, productivity, marketing, customer service, advertising, VR technologies.
    Networking Coffee Break – Registration for Startup Competition

    Startup Pitching Competition in front of a VIP jury of judges and potential investors

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    The Organisers
    The leading business magazine in Russian language in Cyprus
    Successful Business Magazine is addressed to the Russian-speaking business community of professionals, services, investment and finance, and organizer of many business events. It is published every 3 months, and has been in circulation for 6 years. It is a member of the VESTNIK KIPRA Group, with 22-year presence in media publishing, which organizes dozens of events and conferences each year, among other things.
    The oldest established business magazine in Cyprus
    Eurokerdos Business Magazine provides solid reporting and analysis on economy, politics and business in Greek language. It has a premium audience of thousands of decision makers in key Governmental positions, opinion leaders, influencers, executives, managers and entrepreneurs operating in Cyprus. It is published every 2 months and has been circulating for almost 20 years.
    The Moderators
    Natalia Kardash
    Publisher, Editor-in-Chief, SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS Magazine, Executive Committee Member of Cyprus International Business Association.
    "Significant changes in business processes – dealing with artificial intelligence, automation, robotics, self-driving cars, genomic editing, cognitive computing, the Internet of Things, and big data — are underway. As these technologies move to the mainstream, they promise to change our companies, economies and social structures. Without the right action, an organization might find itself left behind, making catastrophic decisions, or entirely compromised."
    Nicoletta Livera
    Publisher, Managing Director of Eurokerdos Business Magazine
    "It is important to overview all major fields of economic activities and to have one speaker (or round table discussion participant) from each industry. For example: one of the world's leading banks, leading car producer, leading software producer, biggest food producer, best hotel chains, most influential business media, well-known and trusted rating agencies and decision-makers."
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    Сonference is held with support of Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Cyprus Federation of Employers and Industrialists, Cyprus International Business Association.

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    Registration of Participants: Tatiana Michaelidou,, +357 25590530

    Contact persons for Sponsors and Speakers:
    Natalia Kardash,; Nicoletta Livera,
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    Digital Transformation: Why We Need to Go Digital and What is the Value of Machine Learning.
    The world is being disrupted by exponential change, and companies need to adapt or face extinction. Digital consumers are now in control and are expecting personalised, relevant experiences that resonate with their values and lifestyle.

    But how can the business adapt? How can we create an adaptive business model that is responsive to consumer needs and that can flex and scale while being agile and innovative? Driving the business transformation is critical to success as well as creating the right digital business capabilities through an ecosystem of partners.

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    The discipline of Innovation, driving disruptive ideas from concept to execution.
    Nicolas A. Spengos
    Business Innovation Director, Oracle Next
    Innovation seems to come naturally to some companies - especially those born in the Mobile Web and the Cloud; it's baked into startups. But what about companies - the majority out there - that have been in business longer than these?

    Change your mindset! Think like a startup! Disrupt your design and development processes! Be Agile! - are some of the admonitions they hear. This is often interpreted as a blueprint to shake things up, to tear things down in order to start afresh.

    But can innovation spring from chaos? What does it really take to innovate? Not just once, not as a side activity, not only to create concepts and demos - but to build a real innovation engine with which new ideas are taken from the drawing board to execution.
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    Challenges and Opportunities of Advanced Emerging Technologies and Products
    Dr. Panayiotis Philimis
    The Founder and CEO of CyRIC-Cyprus Research and Innovation Center, the certified Business Innovation Center, BIC of Cyprus
    Advanced emerging technologies could soon tackle the world's most pressing problems unleashing a world of new opportunities. However, the challenges during the process of research and development, product design and commercialisation are critical to their successful market penetration.

    The speech will also provide insights into the main reasons why startups and innovative SMEs working on breakthrough technologies fail to reach the market. Depending on the company structure and founders' abilities there are different best practices to follow in order to minimise the risks.

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    Trends and Forecasts of Cyber Risks for 2018
    Ruslan Yusufov
    Director, Private Client Services at Group-IB
    Hacker attacks, leaks of confidential information, money thefts from companies and banks - the problems of information security do not come off the first pages of media. What are the actual cyber threats and how to distinguish speculation and rumours from reality?
    Today's most important threat for people and companies. Forecast for this year. Gloomy future. Short checklist.
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    Preparing the workplace for the incoming workforce.
    Jerry Prochazka
    Head of Wargaming Alliance, Wargaming Group Ltd.
    In his talk, Jerry will address how technology has transformed the incoming workforce and how organizations can prepare for this change. With the skills and capabilities needed over the next five years evolving, creativity and creative problem solving will be at the forefront of needed skills. As a leader, how do you ensure that your organization's have the right workplace and culture to attract and retain talent?
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    Revolution in PR: How New Technologies have Changed Traditional Way to Promote Business
    Thierry Nicolet
    Communications Consultant, ex-SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC Senior VP Global Press Relations
    The biggest change was introduced by the volume of date we need to take into account, so called Big Data. It needs to be analyzed for insights that lead to better decisions and strategic business moves.

    And in the field of PR, this isn't done in 99,9% of organizations leading to the commonly shared perception of PR to be an "obligatory" unmeasurable expense instead of a strategic investment leading to not only delivering brand awareness and preference but also generating sales.

    What companies need to do? What practices to implement or even invent in order to promote their business in a digital reality?
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    Future Role of Blockchains in All Fields of Business Activities.
    Ioannis Menelaou
    Managing Director of Lykke Cyprus
    Blockchain is trust. People think that Blockchain is the tool for money launderers and drug lords. Actually, blockchain does not have value as such. Blockchain is not a currency, it is a technology. People also think that Blockchain is to facilitate financial transactions. No! That is just an application. The presentation will provide blockchain applications in a variety of industries and showcase how can a blockchain system bring trust and transparency to a modern business or government.
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    The Blockchain Disruption: The New Digital Revolution
    Nicola Korbar
    CEO of Center for Economic Research Belgrade, a regional leader for education of banking, auditing, financial, management and IT professionals.
    Blockchain technology has risen from its humble debut in 2009 with the launch of Bitcoin, and over the years it has evolved into a sophisticated system that simplifies anything it "touches". While we can often hear about it in the media and on social networks, most people are asking themselves where can this new technology be implemented and how? Or more importantly, how can it improve our lives?
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    Future of the Media Entertainment
    Pavel Muntyan
    Scriptwriter and animation producer. One of the founders of Toonbox studio and creator of animated series "Mr. Freeman"
    The future of media and entertainment is shifting at great speed as technology develops new platforms which fragments the viewing opportunities and offers new experiences for audiences and advertisers to engage with one another around entertainment. Today's consumers are viewing, sharing and listening to more online content than ever before, and expect immediate and constant access on a multitude of technological devices. Video on demand, content streaming, hyper-targeted content and advertising have become reality. We all live in the moment of technological singularity, each of us has to be a trend-watcher, to form his own vision of the future. But how to predict the future? What are the main trends in entertainment industry? What to expect from media-content tomorrow?
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    Use of the Russian Weather Modification Technology with the Purpose of Precipitation Enhancement
    Boris Koloskov
    Deputy Director, Russian Agency of Atmosphere Technologies
    The Republic of Cyprus is one of the countries that recently face increasing shortage of fresh water. The speaker will show and comment the results of analysis of the climatic characteristics of clouds and precipitation for the territory of Cyprus and the results of numerical simulations and cost estimates of works on cloud seeding. Using the airborne and ground-based cloud seeding by ice-forming reagents Cyprus can obtain 10-30% additional water in the whole territory of the island.
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    The Future of Energy: What to Expect?
    Dmitriy Morozov
    Executive Chairman, GDL Green Energy Group
    What are the most promising RES technologies? (solar with storage, hydrogen and new generation nuclear). What are the key doubts and disadvantages of RES? Who will finally stop fossil fuels mining? What will be the humans' role in the energy production in the nearest future? What shall we do today to avoid "blockbuster" (Matrix, Terminator etc.) scenario of the future?
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    Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Future Jobs: Are you ready for Jobs that Don't Yet Exist, New and Emerging Roles and Jobs that will be redefined by AI
    Jorge Sebastiao, CISSP
    ICT Security Expert at HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES
    Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Future Jobs: Are you ready for Jobs that Don't Yet Exist, New and Emerging Roles and Jobs that will be redefined by AI
    • How the AI is changing our World
    • Developing a Vision for AIs roles in future role and how they will redefine them
    • What are the Skill Sets Required for Future AI Careers and Functions
    • Strategies for future AI Innovative roles
    Our Future will be greatly impacted by AI how can we be ready? Jorge will take you in a deep dive into some of these changes and challenges via demos, videos and practical interaction with the audience. In this presentation, he will provide insights and stories gathered throughout AI innovation.
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    The future of payments
    Vassos Aristodemou
    President & CEO of NETinfo
    This presentation will navigate you through the evolution of payments.
    The world of digital payments is evolving and changing in an accelerated pace, driven by the advances in technology, the digitalisation of consumer lifestyle and the changes in the banking regulatory framework. What is the future of payments?
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    A Roadmap to Impact
    Nicolas Jarraud
    Scientific Coordinator at the Cyprus Institute
    Currently, most businesses rely on polls and surveys to find out more about their potential customers, and about their social impact. However, the information provided by classic surveys is limited, and precious information is lost during the analysis and presentation of that date. Yet for years, social scientists have been using far more precise tools to understand the public mind, and the hidden drivers behind the collective decisions that societies make. Known as Structural Equation Modelling, this approach reveals the rich web of interactions between the most important factors that drive societies and communities in one direction or another. So far, it has been used mostly in peace-building and social psychology, but it could be an extremely powerful tools for businesses to understand the deeper social context in which they operate, and to adapt their practices accordingly.