Vassos Aristodemou
President & CEO of NETinfo
With over 30 years of working experience in IT services, Vassos Aristodemou is the President & CEO of NETinfo, since 2003. NETinfo is a versatile and innovative technology company that enables digital transformation strategies for banks and financial institutions of all sizes across all geographies, helping them to harness the latest technologies, and fully embrace the needs of today's digital consumers.

Vassos holds a MIS degree from the University of Indianapolis. He worked in the government sector for 24 years, 11 years being the head of the IT Department of the Cyprus Ports Authority.

Throughout his career, he has gained invaluable experience in the IT services sector, and his core strength has been in managing people, teams, companies, and IT projects towards successful implementations. He is a visionary who utilises new technologies and insights to drive businesses forward and into new territories.
the presentation
The Future of Payments
Thursday, 12th of April 2018
Plenary session 1: The Future of Business
This presentation will navigate you through the evolution of payments.

The world of digital payments is evolving and changing in an accelerated pace, driven by the advances in technology, the digitalisation of consumer lifestyle and the changes in the banking regulatory framework. What is the future of payments?
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