Pavel Muntyan
Scriptwriter and animation producer. One of the founders of Toonbox studio and creator of animated series "Mr.Freeman"
Pavel Muntyan was born on the 11th of June 1978 in Moscow. He graduated from the Moscow International University (faculty of administration management and municipal administration; postgraduate education) and Institute of Humanities, faculty of psychology. The subject of his thesis was "Methods of influencing a person with the help of computer games and Internet". Mr. Muntyan is an author of different articles about computer addiction including "The influence of the Internet on human development as a psychological problem" and "Type of computer addiction: dependence on computer games."
1998-2000 – Works at the Government of Moscow, Committee of public and inter-regional relationships.
2000-2001– Director of LoonArt Studio.
2003 – Creator and Head of the exclusive internet project in Russia devoted to alternative concept animation "" and family animation portal "Мультиков.нет".
2008 – Co-Founder of Toonbox studio (together with Vladimir Ponomarev).
Scriptwriter of animated series "Mr. Freeman".
the presentation
Future of the Media Entertainment
Thursday, 12th of April 2018
Plenary session 2: The Future of Business Communication
The future of media and entertainment is shifting at great speed as technology develops new platforms which fragments the viewing opportunities and offers new experiences for audiences and advertisers to engage with one another around entertainment. Today's consumers are viewing, sharing and listening to more online content than ever before, and expect immediate and constant access on a multitude of technological devices. Video on demand, content streaming, hyper-targeted content and advertising have become reality. We all live in the moment of technological singularity, each of us has to be a trend-watcher, to form his own vision of the future. But how to predict the future? What are the main trends in entertainment industry? What to expect from media-content tomorrow?
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