Mr. Nicolas A. Spengos
Business Innovation Director, Oracle NEXT
Nicolas A. Spengos is a member of Oracle NEXT - a team that helps organizations go beyond just experimenting with Digital Technologies, to actually experiencing innovation on the Oracle Cloud. Our customers are bubbling with ideas: we are helping them frame these ideas, brainstorm and validate solutions, communicate and gain approval, build real prototypes - fast, ready to scale to a complete solution.
Oracle NEXT brings together digital innovators, business consultants, digital architects and agile developers; we use innovative design and creation tools, design thinking and cooperative creation, as well as the full breadth of Oracle Cloud Solutions, to accelerate the road to production of innovative ideas.
Nicolas joined Oracle in 2008 after BEA Systems, TMN Tools, ATOS and Marben, where he held positions in product development, technical pre-sales, technical direction, sales enablement. A native of Greece, Nicolas is fluent in Greek, English and French, and is based in Paris. Nicolas will be thrilled to meet you and discuss your innovative ideas - in person, on LinkedIn (NicolasSpengos) and Twitter (@NicolasSpengos).
the presentation
The discipline of Innovation, driving disruptive ideas from concept to execution.
Thursday, 12th of April 2018
Plenary session 1: The Future of Business
Innovation seems to come naturally to some companies - especially those born in the Mobile Web and the Cloud; it's baked into startups. But what about companies - the majority out there - that have been in business longer than these?

Change your mindset! Think like a startup! Disrupt your design and development processes! Be Agile! - are some of the admonitions they hear. This is often interpreted as a blueprint to shake things up, to tear things down in order to start afresh.

But can innovation spring from chaos? What does it really take to innovate? Not just once, not as a side activity, not only to create concepts and demos - but to build a real innovation engine with which new ideas are taken from the drawing board to execution.
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