Jorge Sebastiao, CISSP
ICT Security Expert
Jorge is a seasoned ICT Expert in areas of Cyber Security, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Cloud Computing & managed services focused on business value. He brings experience, creativity, structure and innovation to the solutions he architects through ICT infrastructure. With over 30 years of ICT experience, covering C level on Cloud Computing, AI, Blockchain, Cyber Security, Physical Security, Managed Services, managed security services, business continuity and disaster recovery, as well as governance, risk management, compliance, auditing, certification. Served sectors include aviation, transportation, oil & gas, banking, financial, telecom, government, defense, healthcare, and education. Jorge created the process A6 of security: Assess, Architect, Apply, Administer, Awareness & Agility. He architects practical & business focused Cloud and Security solutions using standards and industry best practices.
the presentation
Artificial Intelligence and Future Jobs: are You Ready for Jobs that don't Yet Exist
Thursday, 12th of April 2018
Plenary session 1: The Future of Business
New and Emerging Roles and Jobs that will be redefined by AI
  • How the AI is changing our World
  • Developing a Vision for AIs roles in future role and how they will redefine them
  • What are the Skill Sets Required for Future AI Careers and Functions
  • Strategies for future AI Innovative roles

Our Future will be greatly impacted by AI how can we be ready? Jorge will take you in a deep dive into some of these changes and challenges via demos, videos and practical interaction with the audience. In this presentation, he will provide insights and stories gathered throughout AI innovation.

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