Ioannis Menelaou
Managing Director of Lykke Cyprus
Ioannis is an investments and digital finance expert with a vision to make financial markets fully transparent, fair and autonomous.

Ioannis is currently an Executive of Lykke Group, a Swiss blockchain-fintech company. He runs the European operations via the Investment Firm/Broker, and the Lykke Electronic Money Institution in Cyprus/Europe.

Additionally, Ioannis is a Lecturer at the MSc in Digital Currency of the University of Nicosia, the first and top tier degree on blockchain education.

Lykke is a Swiss-based fintech company started by Richard Olsen, previously founder and CEO of OANDA. Lykke is a new open source global marketplace that lets people trade currencies, cryptocurrencies, and cryptographic tokens, using an iOS or Android device.

The Lykke global marketplace serves as an Exchange with no fees and is revolutionizing the world of finance through the use of several distributed technologies, like Bitcoin, blockchain and Ethereum, which allow direct settlement and ownership.

Lykke was awarded the "Fintech Company of the Year 2017" in Cyprus, at a European Commission competition.

Lykke has already gone public on its own Exchange, Wallet and ICO/ITO Platform. It is also building enterprise-scale solutions for large financial institutions via the Lykke Accelerator.

Lykke has its own token the LKK, a representation of the company's shares on the blockchain.

Lykke is rapidly expanding globally, aiming to become a fully regulated entity on the crypto-economy and technology.

the presentation
Future Role of Blockchains in All Fields of Business Activities
Thursday, 12th of April 2018
Plenary session 2: The Future of Business Communication
Blockchain is trust. People think that Blockchain is the tool for money launderers and drug lords. Actually, blockchain does not have value as such. Blockchain is not a currency, it is a technology. People also think that Blockchain is to facilitate financial transactions. No! That is just an application. The presentation will provide blockchain applications in a variety of industries and showcase how can a blockchain system bring trust and transparency to a modern business or government.
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